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  • LMI has the leading engineering and technological design ability in the domestic precision mold industry. Our design team consists of engineers with years of experience in designing molds for European and American markets, and has the latest hardware and software facilities. So we're capable of turning your excellent product ideas into reality.
  • The reviewing of product design drawings is a critical step in the initial phase of mold design. In this period, we'll try our best to find out problems that may occur during mold production and solve them. We'll provide data and plans to our customers and seek solutions together.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to conduct mold flow analysis. LMI can provide you with Moldflow Analysis, including warp, cooling, fill time, temperature, air traps, welding lines, shrinkage etc.
  • All molds are made according to complete 2D mold assembly drawing and detailed 3D components drawings. Generally speaking, we can provide preliminary design drawings in 3 to 5 days with the help of advanced 2D & 3D software. Thanks to our exquisite technologies and rich experiences, we can meet your needs in a relatively short time. We're looking forward to providing good design services to you.
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